Bedroom Tax and ESA in the news 31/03/2013

sue marsh on sky news

Sue Marsh talked to LBC radio at 20:00 about the people dropping their claim for ESA before their work capability assessment.

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Sue also talked to Sky News at 15:30.

Owen Jones discussed the Bedroom Tax with Robert Oxley of the Tax Payer’s Alliance on Sky News at 17:30

Lisa Egan talked about ESA on Radio 5 Live followed by Grant Shapps.


Trialia Hall debated the bedroom tax with Edwina Currie on Radio 5 live at 23:20 30/03/2013



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  1. Thanks for posting these. Many thanks to Sue, Owen & Lisa. I need to take a break after listening to that heartless bitch Edwina Curry! What World is she living in FFS! At least Triala gave as good as she got.

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