Christian AND Goth?

Today a friend asked me for any help I could give for someone that was worried about their son becoming a goth. As a Christian with a lot of goth friends, and, dare I say it, a bit of goth in my past, I tried to gather some thoughts on the subject. This is what I wrote. It might be total drivel, it might not. What do you think?

I would have thought that any fears about goths are divided in to a few different categories.

  • Goths will stop a person being a christian
  • Being a goth will involve hedonistic behaviour
  • Goths are satanists

To be quite honest, there are very few christian goths, but goths will respect someone for being a christian. They won’t usually ridicule anyone for it. Many of them will be Wiccans but those will not attack someone for having a different religion. Exposure to other beliefs might affect a christian, but it is my opinion that you have to go in to the real world at some point, and your faith will stand up to it if it is strong enough. If it is not, then it doesn’t matter where you are exposed to other views.

Some goths do get drunk a lot, but I don’t think more so than many other groups of people. Many goths also drink less alcohol than average. It’s usually about the atmosphere, the socialising, the common interest in the genre of music, and the identification with others.

Most goths are not satanists! Quite a lot think it’s funny to make devil horn signs, and like bands which allude to satan in their name, but it’s nearly all a veneer of bravado. Whether this is harmful or not I couldn’t say.

Quite honestly, my advice is not to worry. The outcome of this persons faith depends on what has shaped them in the past, not what is to come. Their behaviour, tastes, and drinking habbits might change, but they could equally change with any other peer group. I have always been of the opinion that my christianity has more impact on my goth friends than their spirituality might have had on me.

Author: Latentexistence

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