Fascism in the UK

The Home Office a few weeks ago: “There will be no hiding place”.


The Home Office last week: “GO HOME OR FACE ARREST”


Racist Van

Border Agency in London today: Papers please.



A tale set three years ago:


So I was sitting on the bus going through E & C, and it got stopped by transport police (they always stop it in poorer neighbourhoods)

The Police officer gets on and starts asking everyone for their tickets or oyster cards – so far, so usual

But there is a big van parked up on the pavement by the bus stop and instead of issuing fines they start asking for ID’s, for ‘Papers’

‘Papers’ is not a term normally used in that context. My Oyster was in the bottom of my bag somewhere, so as I struggled to find it….

…the officer then asked me for my ‘papers’ and then in Spanish ‘papeles’ – I already knew what was happening but this was the clincher

I’d been racially profiled as Latin American (which I am) & the phrase ‘sin papeles’ – ‘without papers/illegal’ was what he meant

Looked up from my bag (I’d just found my UK passport in there – I was born here) and said ‘What?!! You’re racially profiling me aren’t you?’

‘This is my BRITISH passport. I was born here. Here is my Oyster card too. I want your ID number, I’m going to make a complaint’…

The dude looked me in the eye, went a strange grey shade, turned his heel and got off the bus..

I was late going somewhere so I didn’t have time to chase after him but as I looked out of the bus window…

..I saw the people they’d already taken off the bus for not having their tickets/oysters being loaded into the parked van

Black & Brown faces stared back at me with expressions of hopelessness – I felt sick, but what could I do?

This didn’t happen last week, month or even year. This was nearly 3 years ago

I’ve spoken to others and they say it’s often in the early mornings when the many foreign workers who clean our offices are going to work

This ISN’T new but it does seem to me to be becoming more blatant. Today in Kensal Green they didn’t even pretend it was abt smth else

In the end I didn’t report the officer – in a neighbourhood where the police racially profile us everyday, who was going to listen?

We are not paranoid, we’re not ‘playing the race card’, we do not have a ‘chip on our shoulder(s)’ – this is real & it’s only getting worse

(Copied from tweets by @SandiaElectrica)

The Guardian, November 2011: UK Border Agency officials ‘illegally targeting’ bus passengers

I suggest you aquaint yourself with the Warning signs of fascism.

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4 thoughts on “Fascism in the UK”

  1. I am sorry I wasn’t on the bus with you and had my passport. I am caucasian, but if I had seen a police officer asking for someone’s papers and not mine, I would have made a point of shoving my passport in his face as a protest.

    What happens if someone of “darker” colouration (can’t think of a nice way to say it) was born in the UK and, like my son, does not have passport, driving licence or any other identification to show his nationality?

  2. My best friend’s father was of Italian extraction (born in Scotland). She was born here too, but she has long dark hair, dark brown eyes and is very dark skinned (she likes to tan). She is constantly stopped and searched at airports. This has been happening since September 2001 and she’s resigned to it now. It’s particularly bad when she travels to the USA, but even coming home from a trip to Spain, when she’s especially tanned, means she can’t go through the “Nothing To Declare” channel without being singled out for a baggage check.

    Racial profiling happens all the time and it’s only going to get worse. The government is encouraging this behaviour and our rights are being eroded every day. Far from becoming a more enlightened society, racism and bigotry are on the rise. I, for one, am very sad about this. What we need is peace, love and understanding. Why can’t we be excellent to each other?

  3. Absolute rubbish!. This woman has a chip on her
    shoulder a mile wide. I bet she has Cherie
    Blair on speed dial.

    What part of “Illegal” in illegal immigrant does
    she not understand? The border agency
    has a very hard job to do, all she had to do was open her mouth and speak, They
    are intelligent people and would have known straight away that there was no trace
    of any accent

    . Very convenient of she who is so vocal online.

    All illegals should
    be treated as disease carrying terrorist criminals. They have not been vetted
    to live here. They have zero skills that we need; else they would have got in
    via the correct channels. Anyone found harbouring them should be stripped of
    all assets or imprisoned minimum three years hard labour. I wonder would she sleep
    safe knowing that there were illegals living in the house /shed next door to her.?
    We should take a leaf out of Russia’s
    book and treat them like this. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2381878/How-Russia-deals-illegal-immigrants.html

    If there is an article to be written about fascism I suggest
    you write about the UAF ( unite against fascism)
    or (Unwashed awful freaks) they are the biggest fascist threat we have in
    this country. They physically attack and abuse anyone who tries to speak up for
    us white ethnic minority’s

    And if they get charged, the police lose the evidence and
    let them walk free.

    You won’t read that in the kids comic called the daily

    Peace etc! Or not, who cares

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