GP staff remove patient from books because he tweeted about them

Another victim of the inability of organisations to cope with the things people say on social media.

This tweet…

Resulted in this letter.
gp discharge letter

Note that the tweet was not actually directed at any twitter account, so the surgery staff would have to have gone looking for it or been tipped off.

The surgery’s patient charter says

With staff

We aim to treat all of our patients courteously at all times and we expect our patients to treat our staff in a similarly respectful way. We take seriously any threatening, abusive, or violent behaviour against any of our staff or other patients. If any of our patients should behave in such a manner they will be warned that if they do not stop they may exercise our right to take action to have them removed, immediately if necessary, from our list of patients.

There’s no indication that any warning was given in this case. When even the prime minister can get away with calling people who use twitter “twats” it seems a bit harsh for someone to be refused medical treatment for using the same word.

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  1. I was just reading some stuff at the Health Ombudsman he other day about deregistration… they’re meant to warn people first. Several practices had to pay compensation because of this. Also supposed to try to redeem the relationship when it breaks down.

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