It’s all go! (Personal Update)

Moving home. It’s suddenly happening.

We were supposed to move out of our current flat by the end of last month, but despite our astonishment at being allocated a flat within two months, (I was rated priority Gold Plus by the housing association) we haven’t actually been allowed to move in yet because quite a lot of work had to be done to clear up after the last tenants. Our landlord and letting agency have been rubbish about this, grudgingly agreeing to let us stay an extra week but demanding that we hand over the keys at 8am on Monday the 6th. The housing association called today to say they can give us the keys to the new flat on Monday afternoon. They still haven’t fixed the boiler because the parts won’t arrive until the end of next week, but we can move in if we accept that there is no hot water.

Since then we’ve been rushing and stressing and trying to organise everything. The house movers are booked for Tuesday. I’ve ordered a cooker and a washing machine, expecting delivery on Wednesday, only to find out that they’re actually coming a week on Wednesday! These ones are still £120 cheaper than any other supplier though, so we’re sticking with it. So in our first week there we will have hot water only from the kettle and the electric shower, and will have to cook using the microwave, slow cooker and maybe camping cookers, and can’t wash any clothes. We might as well be camping!

Right, I have to go and contact lots of people to tell them that we are moving. And to magically find some energy to get through this.




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