Listen to my report on ATOS on the Pod Delusion podcast

My recent report “What’s wrong with ATOS” is now featured on the Pod Delusion podcast. It starts about fifteen minutes in. If you can’t use the player embedded here, you can download an MP3 from the podcast’s own website or find it on iTunes instead.

I have previously appeared on Episode 90 with “Government attacking disabled people” and Episode 91 with “Fragile Social Networks.” The Pod Delusion is well worth listening to anyway. As they put it, the Pod Delusion is “A podcast about interesting things, from a staunchly skeptical/rationalist/liberal/a bit lefty point of view.” If you need more convincing, it was recently featured on BBC Click and you can watch the report here.

Author: Latentexistence

The world is broken and I can't fix it because I am broken. I can, however, rant about it all and this is where I do that when I can get my thoughts together. Most of the time you'll find my words on Twitter rather than here though. I sometimes write for Where's The Benefit too.

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