I am weird

I am weird.

Why is that, you ask? Well I’m weird because I care about politics. Oh, politics is boring, you say. Old men shouting at each other like children while people in wigs scream “order” at them.

Not that politics. I’m talking about the politics that determines if we have food and shelter and medical care. The politics that creates or destroys jobs. The politics that dictates whether we can travel anywhere, and how much it costs to do so.  The politics that dictates what can built where we live, and the politics that stamps out anything new because it is scared of change. The politics that is supposed to guarantee the concept of innocent until proven guilty. The politics that wants to hide away dissent because it looks unseemly at the royal wedding. The politics that it afraid of protest and wants to keep it out of the way and catalogue every person there so that they can be labelled a domestic extremist and kept away from anything important.

I care about these things. Do you?

Perhaps you have a different view than I have. Perhaps you think that opposing change is good, that cutting services and privatising healthcare is right. Perhaps you think that the videos showing protesters being snatched by unidentified thugs are not showing the whole story, and that the police must have good reason. Perhaps you believe that the sick must be forced back to work if there is anything at all that they could do, even if they will be fired for being unreliable or it will simply consume their whole life trying to deal with the inevitable toll on their health and sanity. If that is your view, I urge you to look at the people. Look at the impact that your politics has on individuals and ask yourself if that is what you really want to see happening.

But most people don’t even care about these things. Oh, they will moan when something does not go their way, but they won’t actually take the time to understand the cause. Many won’t even go and express their opinion by voting. They will moan about tax but then later demand benefits without understanding the link between the two.

I’m weird because I would like people to live the ideal of “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” In the past I have been able. Right now I am needy. In the future I will be able again, and I will gladly support others that have need. I want to live in a society that understands this idea and does not resent it.

So I will continue to care about politics, even though caring is stressful. I could take the soma of reality TV and cheap alcohol and try not to think about it, but that isn’t me. I care about politics and I will fight to make things better, one step at a time. I am weird because I care. Will you choose to be weird too?

Author: Latentexistence

The world is broken and I can't fix it because I am broken. I can, however, rant about it all and this is where I do that when I can get my thoughts together. Most of the time you'll find my words on Twitter rather than here though. I sometimes write for Where's The Benefit too.

5 thoughts on “I am weird”

  1. By the way, my family is weird because Tories tend to have the concept of the ideal family – one married man to one married woman (both work and both are middle-class) and 2.1 children. I have 4 children. My eldest has asperger’s. My other son has dyslexia. I am disabled and just about to divorce. To them, we are scumbags but they do not know my background – I have a degree in science (honours) at one of the top universities in uk and I worked as a teacher. My ex abused me and he took advantage of us. I had to kick him out because I did what was best for the family. I’d rather to be weird and not to be married to the abusive husband. I am honest – not pretending we are one happy family.

  2. I’m with you on this one too. Politics are so important, and have become more so recently it seems. It’s something which affects all of us, for better or worse, and I think it is the responsibility of all of us collectively to ensure it works for the better for the maximum number of people.

    If that makes sense, it’s getting late!

  3. My head tells me that I have neither the time nor the energy to be weird.

    But my heart gets me pulled in sometimes.

    What I question though is how best to make a difference. I think it’s inspiring that so many people do so much. But I’m quite discouraged at the results (so far, at least – tuition fees, cuts, tax evasion by big business – I daren’t even mention fairer votes).

    I would say that you need to look after your own sanity though. If these things make you as cross as I think they do, then you need to find a way of stepping back sometimes. You need something else in your life. All-consuming causes may do just that: consume you.

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