T-pims are the new control orders. Or is that a drink?

So Control Orders are to be scrapped and replaced with T-pims which stands for “Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures.”

Apart from sounding like a drink, what else has changed?  The answer is: not much.

People subject to a T-Pim (It’s Pimms O’clock!) must stay in their house overnight for eight to ten hours instead of the previous sixteen. They will now be allowed to stay somewhere else as long as they ask permission. The restrictions will be limited to two years at a time. The suspect must still wear an electronic tracking device and will not be allowed to travel abroad.

There is a little progress here but not enough. The government is still using fear as an excuse to keep a more authoritarian control of the people than it might otherwise get away with. The whole concept of a control order, where a person may have their freedom violated merely on a suspicion, is disgusting. It borders on creating thought crime and on abusing people based on who they associate with, two of the most vile concepts found in stories like Orwell’s 1984.  It is fundamental to justice that the accused has a right to know the charges against them, so that they can defend against them. Ever since 11/09/2001 governments everywhere have adopted this tactic of power through fear of terrorism and we should not stand for it any more.

Author: Latentexistence

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2 thoughts on “T-pims are the new control orders. Or is that a drink?”

  1. TPIM is, in my view, a mighty disappointment. Probably, because the most arguments against control orders is
    that they can take away major liberties of innocent people without
    following legal procedure.

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