We won’t take it

Listen, Conservatives, LibDems, Labour. Listen, all you people who swallow the story fed to you by politicians. I’ve got something to say to you.

You sell our schools, our hospitals, and our care homes. You dismantle our NHS so that rich service providers can make profit out of it. You hand over our schools to businesses, and you charge our students a lifetime of debt for a university education. You slash the services provided by our local councils, cut the carers, raise the rent of social housing and yet cut housing benefit. You  throw money at the banks that lost theirs through lending fictional money to everyone, yet you borrow the money from those same banks in the first place. You destroy pensions that you promised in return for long, hard services. You abandon sick and disabled people to whatever squalor they manage to live in when you will not provide basic accommodation, care, and food. You believe that those people could simply try harder to be well, that all without a job could somehow find one tomorrow. You encourage big business to leech from our economy and use our services while diverting fat profits to tax havens instead of paying their way. You tell us that there is no alternative. We say bullshit. You don’t represent us. None of you do. You represent your own greed, prejudice and indifference. You try to force us to be the way that you want us to be instead of listening to your voters the way that you are supposed to. You say that strikes are wrong, we say that we are fighting for our country back. We will not stand by while a wealthy political elite destroys us, without even noticing the suffering that is caused – because you don’t even care enough to notice.

We are parents and children, single people and families, young and old, students, manual labourers, office workers. We are teachers, carers, social workers, prison officers. We are cleaners and shopkeepers. We are sick and well.

And we are ANGRY.

We won’t take your shit any more. We will strike, and we will protest, and we will NOT do what you tell us. Ignore us, and you will be sorry. Just look at what is happening all across the world. People will not take your crap any longer.

Leave the banks to dig their own way out. Shut down the IMF before it forces famine and destruction on any more countries. And get your greedy fucking hands off everything that we have built.

The government have sold us out

“Our political system protects and enriches a fantastically-wealthy elite, much of whose money is, as a result of their interesting tax and transfer arrangements, effectively stolen from poorer countries and poorer citizens of their own countries. Ours is a semi-criminal money-laundering economy, legitimised by the pomp of the Lord Mayor’s show and multiple layers of defence in government.” George Monbiot

Since the Conservative government came to power I have been trying to understand the reasons for their actions that I disagree with so much. I have wanted to find a balanced view of what is happening, and tried to convince myself that they really think that what they are doing is for our benefit. I have been assured by my own MP that he thinks that despite the changes to benefits and the cuts to public services, the vulnerable are protected. I wanted to believe that the government thought they were fixing the economy, even if I disagreed with their methods.

I was a fool. The government are lying to us and they know exactly what they are doing.

The headline you will probably have seen today is Government to increase bank levy to £2.5bn and if you read the article you will see that the banks are “livid” about it. It looks like the government is actually doing something about the injustice in our tax system. In fact, it will raise just £800m extra in taxes.

The problem is, that £800m gain will be completely wiped out by what George Monbiot has called “the biggest and crudest corporate tax cut in living memory.

David Cameron told us that while he would like to cut tax, the country is in so much debt that we just can’t. Despite this, he and his government plan to quietly adjust the tax acts of 1988 and 2009 to scrap the requirement for large companies to pay tax in the UK on money earned abroad but not taxed at our levels. We will become one of only two countries in the world that does not charge tax on money that has passed through tax havens. The changes to the law will apply strictly to vast multinational corporations such as banks, oil companies and worldwide communications companies. The quantities of money involved will make even the £6bn of tax that Vodafone wriggled out of look like a pittance compared to to what our economy will lose now. This isn’t just about money either. These changes will make it pay to send jobs abroad too, and many more people will join our unemployed on the scrapheap.

Whose idea was all of this? The government consulted committees about changes to corporate tax law. Here’s some businesses that had representatives on those committees: Vodafone, Tesco, BP, British American Tobacco, HSBC, Santander, Standard Chartered, Citigroup, Schroders, RBS and Barclays.

We did not vote for the changes. This was not in any election manifesto. This was not in any party policy documents. As far as I know, it was not discussed at any party conference. The changes here amount to nothing less than vandalism and theft.

Our government is giving money back to the super rich at the same time as selling off our health service, privatising our education system, removing vital income from the sick and the disabled, cutting care services, killing libraries, even getting rid of public toilets, and much, much more. They are not your government. They exist to serve the filthy rich. Most of the cabinet ARE filthy rich, and they are treating you with contempt.

If you are not angry about this, you should be. If you are not already prepared to stand up and protest, start now. If you are not telling the government that we don’t want this, you deserve what the government is going to do to you. Find an action group. Start your own group if you can’t find one locally. The TUC are organising a massive demonstration on the 26th of March and we should support it. If you can’t physically join a protest, campaign on line. Join a campaign, get involved and say no!


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