Avoid aria.co.uk – or write off your warranty

Over the past fifteen years I have bought quite a few computer parts. I used to buy a lot of them from Aria PC Technology. In fact, I bought all the parts of my current PC and my previous PC there. ┬áMy business now spends thousands of pounds per year on replacement parts for the computers that we fix. You won’t find me buying them from Aria though, and here is why.

They might as well not provide a warranty.

The main activity of my business is repairing computers. From time to time people want to purchase a computer from us, and I explain that quite honestly, I can’t compete on price, and if I did manage to, we couldn’t afford the warranty obligations. Well I suppose not honouring the warranty is one way to keep the price low.

Note: the rest of this rant is mostly here to make me feel better. Feel free to skip it. Continue reading “Avoid aria.co.uk – or write off your warranty”