What’s wrong with the BNP?

Please don’t shoot me for that title just yet!

I recently discovered that one of the people that I frequently play computer games with online is a BNP voter. Now, I have known this person for more than a year. He’s good fun to game against and to talk to, he’s a reasonable guy and he is not stupid. So rather than start a fight and then never speak again, I asked him to write down his reasons for voting BNP. I had every intention of going through them myself and giving my counter-reasons where appropriate, but I haven’t got the energy to do so. Instead, I am presenting his arguments here and I would like all you clever people to give your reasons for or against his reasons in the comments.

To keep this a debate and not a fight, any personal insults will be deleted. No nasty names or insulting his character please.

why do is support the BNP? simply because, there is no other political party ,that will acknowledge the fact we have a huge problem with mass immigration, and enforced multiculturalism.

do I want to see the UKs  green belt concreted over, to facilitate the deliberate power breeding of the Islamic  community?


do I want to be force fed halal food by stealth? no! if halal slaughter is such a kind and humane practice, then I suggest vets start slitting our pets throats ,when they are put down. and muttering a few words to Allah

do I want to see some one get a job over another person ,because they are the wrong color ( white being the wrong color) ?  even if they are less qualified? NOPE!

I want free university places for our children. free prescriptions. lowering of the retirement age.  I want our  green belt and forests protected. I want our children to be taught English history.

I want to pay less taxes. I want to feel proud of my country. all this and more.

how would the BNP pay for this?

by stopping all illegal wars and invasions  of oil producing countries. bring back all our troops ,

and let them do what they are still going to do ,when we leave Afghanistan, Iraq etc.  we don’t need the army or navy on such a huge scale.

secondly pull us out of the European union. let us produce our own food and set our own laws.

stop all foreign aid.  until we are out of debt.

UK jobs for UK people first

invest in UK science and technology

repel the human rights act.

boot out all bogus asylum seekers.

stop all immigration.

Halt the grooming of white girls by gangs of Asian men for sex slaves.