Book review: The Chicken Shak Spy

Book: The Chicken Shak Spy by Simon Lucas

The Chicken Shak Spy follows reluctant secret agent Graham Chapman and private security agency the Hunter Group as they try to prevent the kidnapping and murder of the pope during his visit to the UK.

In writing this novel Simon has managed to take all the best parts of the genre while avoiding being as annoying as Dan Brown. The result is ┬áthat this is a great thriller with an outrageous plot and characters that you can sympathise with. Once I found the time to start reading it, I couldn’t stop. (I finished it at 5am!) If I had one criticism it would be that diversions in to background information sometimes interrupted the flow of action at some points in the story.

I can definitely recommend The Chicken Shak Spy and I am very much looking forward to the next book in the series.

The Chicken Shak Spy is available as an eBook only, and links to various eBook sellers can be found on Simons website.