UK Uncut doing it right…Annoying Glenn Beck

When Glenn Beck is ranting about you, you know you’re doing something right. It’s almost as good as being hated by the Daily Mail. Keep up the good work, UK Uncut, US Uncut and Canada Uncut. The more right-wing nutters we annoy, the better.

Yes, Glenn, Get informed. The Uncut message is simple and compelling, and you should be afraid of it.

While I was checking this story I had to search for Glenn Beck on Google (A horrible task, but someone’s gotta do it.) and I found an article in the Christian Post about Beck meeting Billy Graham. Here’s a revealing quote:

In last year’s Gallop poll, Beck tied with Billy Graham for the top ten “most admired man.” Nonetheless, some evangelicals remain wary of Beck’s Mormon faith and motives.


On his radio show last March, Beck outraged liberal Christians by telling people to leave churches promoting “social justice,” arguing that it was “the rallying cry on both the communist…and…fascist front.”

In response, Sojourner president Jim Wallis demanded Christians to boycott Beck’s TV and radio programs. Afterwards, Beck called Wallis “an apologist communist for atrocities in Cambodia,” in apparent retaliation.

“Most admired man” – really? And calling social justice “communist” and “fascist” too? Pretty revealing when you put those labels on caring for people. Americans seriously need to sort this out if they want to restore any kind of reputation else where.

Author: Latentexistence

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