UK Uncut on Newsnight

UK Uncut were featured on BBC Newsnight this evening. I recorded it and uploaded to Youtube to make sure that it reaches a wide audience. (iPlayer is restricted to the UK and only keeps programmes for a week.)

UK Uncut on Newsnight (Part 1) featuring a report on UK Uncut organisation, protests and the CS Spray incident. The documentary film was made by Fat Rat Films, and you can view that seperately on Vimeo.

UK Uncut on Newsnight (Part 2) Studio discussion with Tony Smith from UK Uncut and Richard Baran from the Institute of Directors. Please note that the police claim to have provided medical attention after using CS spray is false.

More information on UK Uncut

UK Uncut website

UK Uncut on Facebook

Twitter: @ukuncut #ukuncut

More on the CS spray incident

More attacks on the right to protest: CS spray

More information about CS spray and UK Uncut

Just in case you don’t believe your ears about what Paxman said at the start of the UK Uncut segment, here it is again.

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  1. Amused…. Cutting tax rates hasn’t worked for Ireland, so why should we do that in England?

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