Barclays claim they comply with spirit of tax law

This statement from Barclays was read out on BBC news at 11:23am

“We comply with taxation laws in the UK and in all the countries where we do business – both in the spirit and the letter. In 2010 the group paid over £2.8bn in taxes in the UK and we’ve signed up to the government’s code of practice on taxation.”

Read this Guardian article for details of accusations that Barclays paid only 1% tax on profits of £11.6bn.

UK Uncut are out in force today holding a “bail in” at branches of Barclays bank across the UK.

For live photo updates from Barclays protests, follow these photo streams.

Author: Latentexistence

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2 thoughts on “Barclays claim they comply with spirit of tax law”

  1. Dear Barclays

    If you don’t pay tax on your losses, why do I have to pay interest on my loan?

  2. I don’t like Barclays, so I don’t bank with them. I told them this at age 12. They ignored me and didn’t want the free moneybox they gave me back, I told them this at age 18 and I told them the £25 cash they’d given me for opening a Barclaycard account had been donated to a charity campaigning for third world debt cancellation and I sent my credit card back to them in pieces. And if everyone was prepared to take a sustainable approach to banking, the utter shambles we’re in now many years later would not have happened. However, that would mean humankind would have to stop being greedy. That doesn’t seem likely anytime soon.

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