Unpleasant adventure

I had an adventure this morning. Well, not an adventure. More a nightmare.

I couldn’t sleep last night and had about three hours of broken sleep between 5:30 am and 9:00 am. Unfortunately I couldn’t sleep later to make up for it because I had to get up for my regular diabetes check up. Then when I woke up I was extremely nauseous (not a rare occurrence) and couldn’t eat anything without fear of throwing up. I thought it more important not to throw up all the pills I had just taken than eat.

My dad drove me to the doctors surgery, and my wife came with me as I could barely walk on my own. The appointment went well enough, my HbA1C is down to 6.8 and my blood pressure was also a perfect 116/76! Then towards the end of the appointment, I started to feel sick again. Very sick. And I went pale. I asked for water, but it didn’t help. I was given a bowl in case I vomited, which I promptly did. Then I passed out. Well, it was better than being there for the experience.

My memory is intermittent after that. I came round on the chair, then remember waking up lying on the floor, with my GP in the room as well as the practice nurse. I was having convulsions and hyperventilating. There was a paper bag involved, and another sick bowl. My face felt like it was covered in vomit and snot. I think I was on the floor for quite a while like that. My blood sugar was apparently fine but I was told to eat a “cereal bar” (tasted like charred cardboard) which was apparently the only food nearby. After I had started to feel a bit better was moved in a wheelchair to another room where I could lay down to recover. I was eventually allowed to leave and was driven home.

So I’m home. I’ve had a bit more sleep, in small pieces. I feel a lot better now, but I’m worried. I don’t know exactly why this happened, and I am worried that it could happen again. This marks something new in my illness and the prospect of vomiting, passing out and convulsing somewhere more public  is very scary.

Author: Latentexistence

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