We won’t take it

Listen, Conservatives, LibDems, Labour. Listen, all you people who swallow the story fed to you by politicians. I’ve got something to say to you.

You sell our schools, our hospitals, and our care homes. You dismantle our NHS so that rich service providers can make profit out of it. You hand over our schools to businesses, and you charge our students a lifetime of debt for a university education. You slash the services provided by our local councils, cut the carers, raise the rent of social housing and yet cut housing benefit. You  throw money at the banks that lost theirs through lending fictional money to everyone, yet you borrow the money from those same banks in the first place. You destroy pensions that you promised in return for long, hard services. You abandon sick and disabled people to whatever squalor they manage to live in when you will not provide basic accommodation, care, and food. You believe that those people could simply try harder to be well, that all without a job could somehow find one tomorrow. You encourage big business to leech from our economy and use our services while diverting fat profits to tax havens instead of paying their way. You tell us that there is no alternative. We say bullshit. You don’t represent us. None of you do. You represent your own greed, prejudice and indifference. You try to force us to be the way that you want us to be instead of listening to your voters the way that you are supposed to. You say that strikes are wrong, we say that we are fighting for our country back. We will not stand by while a wealthy political elite destroys us, without even noticing the suffering that is caused – because you don’t even care enough to notice.

We are parents and children, single people and families, young and old, students, manual labourers, office workers. We are teachers, carers, social workers, prison officers. We are cleaners and shopkeepers. We are sick and well.

And we are ANGRY.

We won’t take your shit any more. We will strike, and we will protest, and we will NOT do what you tell us. Ignore us, and you will be sorry. Just look at what is happening all across the world. People will not take your crap any longer.

Leave the banks to dig their own way out. Shut down the IMF before it forces famine and destruction on any more countries. And get your greedy fucking hands off everything that we have built.

Author: Latentexistence

The world is broken and I can't fix it because I am broken. I can, however, rant about it all and this is where I do that when I can get my thoughts together. Most of the time you'll find my words on Twitter rather than here though. I sometimes write for Where's The Benefit too.

17 thoughts on “We won’t take it”

  1. In future I absolutely believe that retail banking should be ringfenced to protect it from the risks of investment banking. However, had the banks not been bailed out this time, the economy would have collapsed. Rich bankers should not have been allowed to pay themselves public money in bonuses when they had caused the banks to fail, but like it or not, this time we had no choice but bail them out.

  2. Maybe we’ve all just developed an unrealistic picture of how society works and of what we’re entitled to. Perhaps we need to refocus our expectations and renew our perspective.

    1. So that means a mental cripple like myself is just going to be left to what? The charity of strangers?

          1. Thus demonstrating that you know nothing whatsoever about me.

            Why bother discussing the issues when there’s always the “I’m more ill than you?” fun?

            I don’t know why I bother…

  3. Wow, well said. Can you please form your own party and stand for Parliament next time?

    In the meantime, strikes seem like the way to go.

  4. Wow, well said. Can you please form your own party and stand for Parliament next time? I’d like to have someone with some principles to vote for.

    In the meantime, strikes seem like the way to go.

  5. Despite the economic downturn… we are still a wealthy country. As far as I can see, one of only a few that have a centralised health system paid for by government/taxes, poverty in this country although a terrible thing does not compare with the squalor of the slums of India etc. with streams of human waste running down the streets. We have the right to vote in this country, somewhat more than many! We have the freedom of speech which generally allows us to write anything and protest at all, many cannot say the same! Many people in this world are unable to go to school at all, let alone University. And as for benefits… this is where we are most privileged… we actually have any at all.

    Now, I am not agreeing that the above mentioned things are good, I am pointing out that the hardship the country faces is small compared to that during the second world war in this country or compared to many countries across the world today. It is important to view this with perspective. 

    It is vitally important to ensure that the poorest, sickest, loneliest, oldest and youngest people around us are cared for appropriately. It is important that we care for our neighbour, making sure that noone is left on the street, starving and living in their own excrement. Paying in more and more taxes to fund all the necessary services will only further debilitate those who struggle to pay while ostracising those who already feel they are they are funding the people, who in their eyes, ‘can’t be bothered to work’. The services are vital. So perhaps some of these needs can be met in alternative ways by looking to help out those around us. It is costly personally to care for people, physically, mentally and also in terms of time. The question is… are we all prepared to give what is required??

  6. “And get your greedy fucking hands off everything that we have built.”

    Wasn’t the welfare state “built” over 60 years ago?

    I wouldn’t have listed it on my list of achievements, if I ever wrote one. Mind you, it might make an interesting addition to the CV: “paid tax, most of which funded the welfare state, some of which funded the Iraq war, some of which paid for my children’s education, a little of which paid the midwives who delivered our children, and most of which didn’t do me any good at all”. I think the full list would be quite depressing…


    The scary thing is, once we convince people that something (e.g. welfare) is unaffordable, then that gives everyone an excuse to stop thinking about people as people, and just to think in terms of cost. The flip side is, if we say the state must meet everyone’s reasonable needs, then we give the state the right to tax beyond what is healthy and sustainable, and people the right to be irresponsible.

    A bit of balance is needed. It would help if people, generally, trusted politicians.

    ” We will strike, and we will protest, and we will NOT do what you tell us. Ignore us, and you will be sorry.” – wasn’t that the 1970s? Wasn’t the result Margaret Thatcher?

    You are assuming everyone who voted LibDem last time will vote Labour this time. After all, everyone _you_ know will do that.

    I bet everyone _you_ know voted Yes to AV too. Look how that turned out.

    If this is going down the confrontation/strike route, be afraid. Be very afraid.


  7. i didn’t vote for the three identikit party’s. because that’s what you get
    bleeding heart loony lefties. who are bought and paid for by anarchist Europe.
    only the BNP could save our country now.
    or you can carry on as usual, moaning about how criminals can walk free because it will infinge the human rights etc.
    viva the revolution!

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