You deserve it

We’re losing big chunks of our welfare system, aided by constant scrounger rhetoric from the press. We have outsourced the decision about whether people are sick or not to Atos. The NHS is being privatised while the Tories constantly tell us that it isn’t. Local authorities are being told to outsource pretty much everything to private companies. We have long been losing our freedom with TPIMs (Formerly Control Orders) allowing people to be locked up without trial, security theatre making travel and events hell, police deciding that protesting or speaking out is terrorism, police routinely kettle and hit protesters, and governments making a grab to spy on all our communications and censor them. We hand over police duties to private security firms. We hand over billions of pounds to banks, doubling the country’s national debt while they continue to gamble away the money, pay themselves huge bonuses and land the country in crippling, deadly recession. Companies do everything that they can to avoid paying tax and threaten governments when anyone tries to clampdown. In fact the Conservatives receive half of their funding from business in the City of London. Employers continue to pay pathetic wages that no one can live on and yet still fire more employees and increase the workload on those who are left. It seems that racism and xenophobia are everywhere,  people continue to discriminate based on skin colour, gender, sexuality, disability and religion or lack of religion and who knows what else – they just hate everything different to them. People are being sent to work, unpaid, in Tesco and Poundland, while the government pays the employers to exploit these people and the employers sack the paid workers to make way for the slaves. Our prime minister wants to scrap the Human Rights Act because it stops him from being so nasty to everyone.

You deserve it. All of you. You let it happen. We let it happen. Maybe it should happen and people should suffer for their inaction and their hatred, except that the worst offenders really won’t suffer. They will just buy or oppress their way out of any situation. Fuck it, nuke the human race, it doesn’t deserve to be here.


Author: Latentexistence

The world is broken and I can't fix it because I am broken. I can, however, rant about it all and this is where I do that when I can get my thoughts together. Most of the time you'll find my words on Twitter rather than here though. I sometimes write for Where's The Benefit too.

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  1. I’d say that pretty neatly summed up much of what is wrong with the present government’s policies. Doesn’t make me feel any better either. In fact it makes me wonder how this can be allowed to happen in modern Britain and go unnoticed by the majority of people? Scary scary scary!

  2. The problem is, Shrew, I don’t actually think that any of that is true. It is not my experience, and I don’t think it is the experience of most people. Can you back up your comments about racism with research rather than anecdotal data from the BNP?

    1. I live in Oldham too, and while it’s not quite so extreme as the above comment makes it sound… it is like that.

      For example, Council provides most documents in at least fifteen minority languages. Ask for easy-read, or audio (and I assume BSL and others) and they’ll stare at you, laugh and tell you it’s ‘too expensive’.

      This is the place where a 14 year old girl was raped in a park in a mostly Asian area. A park I used to play in and go to bonfires and fireworks at as a kid – a park that’s now almost the sole preserve of drug dealers, muggers, rapists and other varieties of scum.

      The police reportedly told her (police never denied report, both she and parents spoke to local paper) that she shouldn’t have been in that park because she was white, so it was her own fault.

      There’s enough money to build and staff a Muslim community centre, but not enough to make the leisure centres accessible, or affordable. There’s a mini-library at the local wellbeing centre – four bookcases of books in various Asian languages, one of non-fiction in English, and two of fiction in English.

      A lady with a small baby who’d been kept waiting for hours in the council offices, was recently told she could only breastfeed her child in the dirty toilets – not even with a scarf over them or facing into a corner, because ‘you’ll upset the Muslims’.

      My dad reported racial abuse from an Asian man – ‘you fat white f***** pig’ was actually one of the less vile insults – and the police told him that, being white, he couldn’t be a victim of racism and must have started it.

      While my class at secondary school was forced into an unheated leaky Portacabin for winter, our classroom was given new windows and door, replastered and painted, carpeted, heating fixed, and fitted with nice desks, a smartboard, computers and comfy chairs – exclusively for the use of a dozen or so children of asylum seekers. We were given a phrasebook and bullied into trying to learn their language, instead of them learning any English. I tried to say hello one day and be friendly. After laughing because I wasn’t fluent in their language, two of them held me down while the others kicked me. Somehow I ended up with detention for tormenting them…

      The game of favourites is alive and well round here, I’m afraid. People around here are all in favour of racial equality, but it is absolutely necessary for it to go both ways. At the moment, a large proportion of the time, it doesn’t seem to.

      1. at the moment you cant turn on the news without seeing the reported shooting of that Indian student, who was gunned down is Salford. greater manchester  police have wasted no time in catching the scumbag  who did it ,and locking him up. hey they even offered £50k reward for information. and as usual the BBC have shown the progress  even the parents reaction in India.
        there have been candle lit vigils the whole works
        amazing stuff it just shows what the police can do if they try.
        NOW! why the hell couldn’t the same police force do they same thing about Gavin Hopley

        Nineteen-year-old Gavin Hopley and his  friend were making their way
        home to Rochdale after a night out in Oldham when they inadvertently
        wandered into the Muslim-dominated ‘no-go’ area of Glodwick and were
        chased and attacked by a gang of, at least, ten Muslim men and youths.

        Unfortunately, though his  friend escaped, Gavin was cornered and
        brutally beaten by the gang with his head stamped on repeatedly by his
        assailants. After the attack, a kindly elderly Muslim lady called the
        emergency services and covered the unconscious teenager with a blanket.
        He never regained consciousness and later died in hospital.

        Six men were eventually jailed for violent disorder and theft following
        the attack in February 2002 on Gavin Hopley, but no one has been
        successfully prosecuted for his murder. All of them now walk the streets
        of Oldham, ostensibly free men, but the abolition of the double
        jeopardy law which prevented repeat prosecutions can put that in doubt
        should fresh evidence emerge.

        At the time, Gavin’s parents issued a public condemnation of certain
        members of the Muslim community in Oldham for protecting the culprits.

        The killers of Gavin Hopley got off, just as those of black teenager
        Stephen Lawrence did. But how many people know about and remember Gavin

        ( maybe i just made this up as well?)
        as for proof! i could bombard you with it

        take a look at this eyesore. there is a huge mega mosque being built across the road from it

        this center was supposed to be for all community’s and faiths
        ( some thickos actually believed it)

        i wish i could live in denial:)

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