Responsible Reform report in simple terms

Clearly we haven’t explained the Responsible Reform report simply enough for busy journalists to take it in. Freedom of information requests were used to gain access to responses to the consultation on replacing disability living allowance with personal independence payments. The response showed that:

  • The government said that the responses support the reforms. They lied. The consultation showed that only 7% do.
  • The consultation did not meet the government’s code of practice. It was too short and it ended two days AFTER they wrote and presented the bill to parliament.
  • The government has consistently claimed a 30% rise in DLA claims. It is 13% and they admit they know this but still claim 30%

In short, this report says that the government broke the rules, LIED, are still lying, and we can prove it. They are lying to force through legislation that will affect millions of people, and could one day affect you. Anyone can become sick or disabled. We simply ask that the legislation is paused and given proper scrutiny.

Surely that has got to be worth a mention in the news?

If you still don’t get why this is important, here is Easy Read version of the report. [PDF]


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  1. But what are facts in the face of a Daily Express headline? A lot of people are suffering from the effects of the collapse of the banks/economy/society and they need someone to whip. So here I am: spoons melted and waiting to see the doc, cause it’s really getting too much for me, way too much. 

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