Petition to scrap the anti-satire broadcast regulations

There is now a petition to scrap the broadcast regulations which prohibit the use of footage of parliament from being used in a satirical TV programme. I think that this regulation is an absurd throwback that must be repealed. I have already expressed my views on this in two previous blog posts – Mocking Parliament and Daily Show response to UK ban of comedy including footage of Parliament

Please sign the petition at the HM Government e-petition website – Scrap The Anti-Satire Broadcast Regulations



Mocking Parliament

Quick Version: The Daily Show Global Edition can’t be shown in the UK this week, because it contains footage from parliament in the context of humour and satire. (Long version at New Statesman.)


We can’t mock parliament? What happened to free speech? You know, that human right that has to apply to everybody or it doesn’t work?

Well screw that. Here’s the stuff that can’t be shown. I am not sure if the rules on this apply to internet video and blogs or not, but if it breaks the law, so be it.

And just in case you haven’t seen it, this is my video that might break the law too.