Welfare Reform Bill media links 17/01/2012

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The House of Lords will meet from 2:30pm today and you can view it on the Parliament TV website.

BBC Radio Merseyside

Kaliya Franklin spoke to Radio Merseyside at 7:40 this morning. Listen on iPlayer. (Jump to 1:40 in.)

Radio 4

Home Affair editor Mark Easton outlines the history of the allowance. And Minister for Disabled People Maria Miller and Lord Colin Low, president of the Disability Alliance, debate opposition to proposed changes.

Welfare reform “rushed through” (mp3)


Radio 5

The Victoria Derbyshire show on Radio 5 discussing the Welfare Reform Bill on the 17th January 2012. With Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, Kaliya Frankilin, Louise Bolotin, Jane Young and Minster for disabled people, Maria Miller.

Radio 4 World At One

Sue Marsh talking about Welfare Reform on Radio 4 World At One


Sue Marsh on BBC News Channel this afternoon

Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson interviewed by BBC News

Channel 4 News


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