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Police pepper-spray seated protesters

When I woke up after eleven hours sleep and in hardly any pain, I thought this was going to be a good day. How wrong can I be? This is the news today:

GPs should ‘not sign off long-term sick’ [BBC]

A report not only says that an independant board should be responsible for signing people off work, but also that people who are signed off should go on Job Seekers Allowance and look for work. I’ve written a response in Sick? No you’re not!

Ken Clarke hopeful of deal on European human rights laws [BBC]

Justice Secretary Ken Clarke says he is close to reaching a deal which would allow British judges to overrule European human rights legislation.

Human rights legislation appears to be the only thing holding the Tories back. This is bad.

Things aren’t going well in Egypt either. The military are still in control despite promises of elections, and they don’t like protests so much now.!/adamakary/status/137828845666574336

Then there is this video of police using pepper spray on seated, compliant protesters at UC Davis in California.

Police pepper-spray seated protesters

And I have a flu jab in two hours time.


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  1. Lovely. Just what I needed to make a high pain day better. In other words, Britain wants to seal itself off from the rest of the world and go back to a feudal society; the USA is becoming a f*cking police state; and the disabled should curl up somewhere on the street and “hurry up and die” to use my father’s choice wording to me from regular emails. Cheers.

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