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UK Uncut: Block the bridge, block the bill

12:30pm Today I will be trying to update this blog as much as possible with information from UK Uncut’s Block The Bridge Block The Bill. Updates start from the bottom and new ones appear at the top.

UK Uncut: Block the bridge, block the bill


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19:23 Video shot live throughout the day can be viewed here


More videos from Kate Belgrave can be seen on her website.

18:32 Police say that everyone in containment has been released.!/CO11MetPolice/statuses/123087532157177856


18:13 Here is the report from Channel 4 news.

See 15:08 for the BBC report.


17:57 Some video from about 1pm, taken by Kate Belgrave!/hangbitch/statuses/123078902968102913

17:55 Pictures from @bigmouthedwoman!/bigmouthedwoman/statuses/123078800442540032
London Bridge on Twitpic!/bigmouthedwoman/statuses/123078597761175553
Kettle on London Bridge on Twitpic

17:50 “Police (…) were thanked for not hitting people.”!/HeardinLondon/status/123075949825761280

17:45 There was some confusion because there are protests on two bridges. There are still people on one of them.

17:42 Channel 4 news is reporting in depth on the protest and the Health and Social Care Bill.

17:37 Most people appear to be free to go now.

17:31 Updates from @HeardInLondon!/HeardinLondon/status/123069248204578816!/HeardinLondon/status/123072416451788800

17:25 Updates from @Marmite_!/marmite_/status/123070245073207296!/marmite_/status/123070479023091712!/marmite_/status/123071252217872384

17:18 Tim Hardy reports on the video that police will arrest remaining people under the public order act for breach of the peace, and that they will be searched. Met police announced that journalists should identify themselves to the police now. @bc_tmh telling the police arresting him that 168 people are watching them live.!/CO11MetPolice/status/123069745070219264

17:16 Some tweets from @marmite_ about people being held back.!/marmite_/status/123066828321865729!/marmite_/status/123067575952351232!/marmite_/status/123068211242598400

17:12 Message from UK Uncut: “We’ve had questions about the protest. To clarify: The protest is over and UK Uncut is leaving via the SOUTH side of Westminster bridge.”
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17:07 Met Police have kept back a group of people from leaving, and claimed that they are not associated with UK Uncut. Live stream camera man included. Some brief shouting as police told people to stop filming and some shouts that police were man-handling people with cameras. Keep watching the live stream here.
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16:56 Reports via live stream that some people are being kettled by the police.

Met police claim some people “not associated with UK Uncut” are attempting to march.
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16:55 People blocked from leaving from Westminster end.
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16:54 Everyone leaving.
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16:53 There is a police helicopter over the protest now.

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16:37 Good article in the Guardian on why people are protesting to save the NHS. I remember a pre-NHS Britain. I don’t want to see a post-NHS one

16:33 @HeardinLondon reports that the bridge is being cleared now.
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16:32 “Big line of police & vans at parliament end of Westminster Bridge”
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Big line of police & vans at parliament end of Westminste... on Twitpic

16:30 ITV News has a video clip from the protest on their website.

16:26 Don’t forget, the point of Block The Bridge is to Block The Bill. Contact a Lord or three now and tell them you don’t want them to destroy the NHS. False Economy – NHS: 3 great ways to lobby the Lords

16:22 Protesting is a family event!
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This little guy is the star of the show. Born in the #NHS and... on Twitpic
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16:18 More ugly rumours…
“Have been informed that police are only letting tourists on & off the bridge. ”
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16:15 Rumours of police movement too.
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16:11 Rumours that protesters are marching to Parliament Square.
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16:09 MP John McDonnell tweeted “Series of stand up comedians on Westminster Bridge entertaining and inspiring couple of thousand demonstrators.Inventive mobilisation.”
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15:57 “Private medicine is un-British”
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15:51 Police on the bridge (15 minutes ago.)
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A few Police now casually making their way into the middle of... on Twitpic

15:50 Mark Thomas
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15:49 The Guardian has an article up now on the protests. Protesters against NHS reforms occupy Westminster Bridge

This Guardian article from yesterday shows that the government is worried that the NHS vote in the Lords might not go their way. It is worthwhile protesting. Ministers fear Lords will kill off NHS reforms

15:44 The Independent published this article on Block The Bridge earlier today. (Thanks to @Jon_S for the link.)

15:36 “You’re going home in a private ambulance”
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Hey it's @JosieLong with a message for Andrew Lansley #b... on Twitpic

15:34 “The real stars of the show”
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The real stars of the show are the constantly changing volunt... on Twitpic

15:32 Another gathering of news and pictures about block the bridge

15:29 Here’s a UK Uncut video from 26th September.

15:26 Comedy Block!
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Comedy bloc #blockthebill on Twitpic

15:17 “Westminster bridge most definitely blocked.”
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15:13 @Jon_S has been keeping an eye on news coverage and has reported on it for us. News coverage of #blockthebill: mid-afternoon summary

15:08 This report was shown on BBC News at 14:21. It’s the only coverage by the BBC so far.

15:06 Comedy on the bridge.
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15:04 BBC News channel is once again silent on Block the Bridge. However, there’s a great banner on the bridge right now.

Banner: Save Our NHS

14:53 The view from embankment
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14:47 “People now breaking into group discussions…”
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14:29 “The Lancet says #BlockTheBill. The BMJ has been saying so for ages”
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14:22 BBC News is finally reporting on the protest. Video will appear here shortly.

14:12 Watch live at Bambuser – broadcast by Tim Hardy.

14:11 “The NHS saved me”

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14:06 Big banner ‘Save the NHS’ now flying across the bridge

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Big banner 'Save the NHS' now flying across the bri... on Twitpic

14:04 “Loads of riot vans on the front line.”

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13:50 “It’s safe to say this is successfully blocked bridge.”
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13:47 “People Before Profit”

13:45 “We love our hospitals”

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"We love our hospitals," knitted on to a lamp on We... on Twitpic

13:42 Still no sign of any mainstream news coverage.

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13:40 “The NHS will last as long as there are folk left with the faith to fight for it.” Nye Bevan

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13:34 After a rousing song protesters on the bridge are now shouting “We are the 99%!”


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Multimedia message on Twitpic

A nice tweet from @HeardInLondon

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13:15 Actual reporters have been spotted!

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13:08 Picture of the banner, from Christ Coltrane

13:04 Everyone on the bridge lying down.

Blocking the bridge #blockthebridge on Twitpic

12:55 More photos

Just arrived at Westminster, fluorescent police and the house... on Twitpic

Message from UK Uncut:

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12:48 Lots of photos are appearing on twitter. Watch @HeardinLondon for the best pictures.

Wesminster Bridge 12.20pm. Midnight on the NHS #BlockTheBill ... on Twitpic 12.15pm Westminster Bridge already closed. The tourists are l... on Twitpic


Banner on the bridge for #blockthebill on Twitpic


12:43 Tim Hardy (@bc_tmh) will be broadcasting live from the bridge. If this embedded clip doesn’t work, please check his website.

12:33 Some official messages from UK Uncut:

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