Charlie Elphicke MP: building a police state

Do MPs think before they speak? Are they really aware of what they are saying?

I was watching the discussion in parliament this morning about the lapse of the laws enabling 28 day detention without trial. I was shocked to hear this statement from Charlie Elphicke MP.

Text from Hansard.

Charlie Elphicke (Dover) (Con):Is not proper border control an essential part of a review to deal with terrorism? It is no good building a police state at home if we allow pretty much anyone, be they friend or foe, to wander into the country. Will the Minister consider stronger measures?

Damian Green: My hon. Friend makes a good point. Clearly, having strong and secure borders is one of the essential elements in our fight against international terrorism, and that, as he knows, is why one of the Government’s priorities is to make our borders more secure. We have been making significant progress on that over the past nine months.

What?!?!?! Does he honestly talk about building a police state not only as though it is happening, but also as though it is not a bad thing?! Outrageous. What where you thinking, Charlie?


I have communicated with Mr Elphicke via Twitter and he has stated the following.

“I want stronger borders, more freedom. I opposed the previous Labour Government building a Police state with weak borders.”
“Yes I am against a Police State. I believe in strong borders with more civil liberties at home.”

I would suggest to Mr Elphicke that he carefully considers the wording of his speeches and questions in future to make sure that others do not come away with the impression that he has the opposite view!

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