A head in the sand

I am lucky enough to have an MP that is very communicative. He not only responds quickly to letters, but he also treats email as real communication, and *gasp* even responds to constituents on Twitter. When my wife was being kept from working by an inexplicably delayed CRB check, he intervened and the certificate was here within two days.

Unfortunately the luck ends there. He seems to be blind to any evidence of what the governments ruthless cuts will do to people.  This conversation followed my suggestion that he read the One Month Before Heartbreak blog which is full of real people writing about how the the proposed changes to the benefit system will affect them. Full text after the screenshots.

The full text of that conversation
My original tweet: I urge @peterjluff – and everyone else – to look at http://j.mp/gQRnKz where there are stories of many people that will suffer due to cuts.
I was retweeted (message passed on to followers) by Nemesis Republic:
RT @latentexistence: I urge @peterjluff – and everyone else – to look at http://j.mp/gQRnKz stories of many peoplewill suffer due to cuts
Peter Luff replied to her:
@PeterJLuff: @NemesisRepublic But the alternative (letting country continue slide to bankruptcy with biggest deficit of any major country) is much worse
Apricot muffins commented:
@PeterJLuff I find this statement reprehensible. The disabled among us deserve every protection their country can give them, deficit or not
Which led to this response by Peter Luff:
@apricotmuffins And they will get that protection; what I find reprehensible are the scare stories

And there you have it. Talking about real disabled people in fear for their incomes, their care, their wheelchairs, is a scare story. Talking about our defecit, which isn’t anywhere near the problem that we have been told it is, is not.

In case you thought this is misinterpreting his views, here is another example.

The text of that:

Me: @PeterJLuff I’m afraid I just see savage cuts that are hurting the poor and vulnerable. Where is the social responsibility?
Peter Luff: @latentexistence Well I guess I won’t persuade you, but I see something completely different, with the vulnerable protected.


It transpires that Peter Luff is the patron of the local ME support group. As an invisible disease, ME is one of the most difficult diseases to get help for. I intend to ask Mr Luff how he can reconcile his view that the vulnerable are supported with his experiences with this group.

Author: Latentexistence

The world is broken and I can't fix it because I am broken. I can, however, rant about it all and this is where I do that when I can get my thoughts together. Most of the time you'll find my words on Twitter rather than here though. I sometimes write for Where's The Benefit too.

4 thoughts on “A head in the sand”

  1. Do Tories actually believe protecting the welfare state would result in a ‘slide to bankruptcy’ or are they just staying on message for their party PR?

    At least he’s honest about one thing – he finds disabled people who stand up for themselves ‘reprehensible’…

  2. All I can think of is in light of what a slamming the current government set up is getting, they’re going to go blindly forth with insane optimism in the hopes they can hold on – “anything but letting labour back in” seems to be the resounding cry here.

    I don’t give a toss about politics, but surely some shred of HUMANITY must run through somewhere or is that too much to ask? Is the ridiculous issue over Who Controls Things more important than actually deciding to walk one’s talk and actually save people who are looking at homelessness and neglect? What “most vulnerable” are they always talking about at this point because even the most vulnerable aren’t getting any help right NOW, gods knows what happens when the cuts hit

    Thanks for posting this even though I’m feeling rather nauseated now.

  3. Ask him to clarify what he means by “most vulnerable”. I’d classify the people posting on OMBH as just that. And yes, why is being honest about fears and difficulties scaremongering? It’s that old “By telling me all that you’re just trying to manipulate me into feeling guilty/pitying/scared/whatever” argument trotted out when the totally self-centred are backed into a corner. Will cross-post this comment at OMBH. Thanks

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