Responsible Reform report media roundup

The Responsible Reform report on the replacement of DLA by PIP has slowly been gaining media attention. Here are some of the appearances that I know of.

Sue Marsh on BBC Radio 5 with Maria Miller, minister for disabled people

Sue Marsh on BBC Newsnight with Chris Grayling, Minister of State at the Department for Work and Pensions

Note that what Chris Grayling said here was untrue.

Baroness Meacher on BBC News

Margo Milne on talkSPORT radio

Kaliya Franklin on Technical Difficulties, Resonance FM

A transcript is available at Indigo Jo Blogs.

Latentexistence on The Pod Delusion, also Resonance FM (Starts at 9:36)

A transcript is available on my previous blog post.

Sue Perkins on The News Quiz on Radio 4 (Starts at 8:44)

The News Quiz on iPlayer

More stuff:

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