Black Monday: welfare reforms take effect

Newspaper front pages 01/04/2013

Guardian front page 2013-04-01

The Guardian – Welfare reforms and coalition cuts: The day Britain changes

Today, 1st April 2013, is the day when many changes to welfare in the UK take effect. I will add various reports and interviews here as I record them.

Sue Marsh on BBC London at 9am:


Sue blogs at Diary of a Benefit Scrounger

Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson on Sky News Sunrise at 9:10am

Iain Duncan Smith on The Today Programme, Radio 4 at 8:30am

David Bennett explained to The Today Programme how he works 60 – 70 hour weeks but is still needs benefits to survive. He asked Iain Duncan Smith if he could survive on £53 per week.


Newspaper Front Pages


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3 thoughts on “Black Monday: welfare reforms take effect”

  1. Far from it this is a great day for those that contribute to society and are sick of seeing welfare pay more than work. This is all today is about ensuring work pays more than welfare. if you want a system where welfare is so lucrative why should anyone bother working and millions have chosen not to for decades!

  2. A great day for those that work and contribute to society. Finally the day of reckoning for those that have used welfare as a means to live for decades.

  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah thirty years of hurt jules rimet still gleaming. The news every working man been waiting for has arrived.

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